Hipstor - Store your belongings on the go!

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G2 Travel Hipstor is great for Overseas Travels, Local Spring Festivals, Easter Show, Movies, Picnic, etc. 

The reversible feature ensures that nothing will fall out and your essential personal belongings are kept safe and secure.

Stop struggling to fit everything into your work out pants or pockets...the Hipstor has plenty of room to fit smart phones, keys, coins, cards, headphones, movie tickets, Opal Cards, Powerbank and even Passport, etc

Made from flexi stretch Lycra Fabric, reinforced stitching and securely hold all your essentials hands-free. Its perfect for jogging, walking the dogs, exercising and travels


  • Lightweight, Flexible & Blends right in with your clothes, 
  • Machine washable, fast drying and never loses it’s shape.
  • Handy key attachment included to keep your keys tied down & secure
  • 4 individual pockets that discreetly holds phones, cards, keys, coins & other small sized personal belongings such as lipstick, lipbalms and more

The Hipstor is your easy way to store your phone, keys, cards, cash and more! 

 Color: Black