Aubergine Huggable Inflatable Pillow - Free 3D Sleeping Eyemask

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G2 Inflatable  Aubergine  Pillow delivers the comfort you have  always wanted. Small enough to carry and yet big enough to cuddle, a great travel companion for a quick snooze.

We all know the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep, however with everyday busy schedule ...the 8 hours sleep isn’t always a reality for most of us.

How many times do you catch yourself dozing off throughout the day? What if you could snooze comfortably, right there and then?

G2 Inflatable Aubergine Pillow is an inflatable pillow like no other. It inflates in less than 10 seconds, and deflate in less than 3 seconds with a single pull 

Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple stabilises your head, supports your neck and restores your spine’s natural curvature.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable feel, made from 100% Cotton
  • Light and compact
  • Premium quality

Pack Configuration:

  • 1pc measurement: 60 x 30cm (inflated) | 16 x 7cm (deflate)
  • 1pc carry pouch, water proof
  • 3D Sleeping Eyemask

Patented Design

Designed in Singapore and Made in China