PILLOW TALK #1: The most luxurious pillow ever...

WELCOME TO NIGHT'S OF LUXURY G2’s new TENCEL®, Memory Foam Pillow provides the ultimate in luxury living.
To craft this beautiful pillow, we started with an inner of high quality memory foam; infused this with gel crystals for cooling, and then added pincore holes for additional airflow. Next, we cocooned this shape-retaining memory foam that will make your head will feel like its sleeping on a cloud. After that, we covered it with 100% pure TENCEL® – perhaps the softest, most healthful, planet-friendly fabric available, just for you!
To experience a pillow that combines support with softness and helps you sleep wonderfully all night long, please visit your nearest leading bedding retailer or contact us to find a stockiest near you. TENCEL® – A naturally healthier choice.

So the environmental benefits are undeniable, but what about the benefits of the fibre itself? Well the good news is that TENCEL®:

  • Is more absorbent than cotton (in fact it wicks 50% more moisture than cotton)
  • Is softer than silk (due to the make-up of the fabric shaft)
  •  Is cooler than linen (making it perfect for Australian bedding)
  • Holds 200 times less bacteria than cotton (and 2000 times less bacteria than some synthetics)
  • Dries exceptionally quickly
  • Is wrinkle resistant
  • Can be machine washed and tumble-dried
  • Doesn’t need bleach or fabric softener in the washing process
  • Drapes beautifully
  • Is durable and long-lasting

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